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Famous for its racehorses and bluegrass music, Kentucky is alive with pristine lakes, rolling pastures, and lush forests. Consider Kentucky schools and you might decide the grass is plenty green right here in Kentucky.

Colleges in Kentucky: What Awaits You in the Bluegrass State?: Widely known as the Bluegrass State, Kentucky is famous for its racehorses and country music, as well as its pristine lakes and lush forests. But there's much more to this part of the country than its appeal to nature lovers and racing fans: the state is also home to over 125 colleges and universities, as well as all kinds of job opportunities in the medical field, commercial and business careers, and Kentucky schools.

Kentucky Schools & Programs: Universities and colleges in Kentucky are prevalent all over the state, from large institutions in major cities to independent colleges in small towns and rural areas.

The University of Kentucky is certainly geographically the largest Kentucky college, with 670 acres on its downtown campus alone. Ranked among the Bluegrass State's best schools, UK is known for its Colleges of Agriculture, Dentistry, Health Sciences, Nursing, Medicine, and more. It's also celebrated for its sports achievements, with a national champion cheerleading squad and a renowned basketball program.

The two major Kentucky schools known for their research accomplishments are the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky, both listed among the state's best schools. Other major colleges include Kentucky Wesleyan College, Kentucky State University, and Berea College, the first school in the South to teach both black and white students. A quarter of Kentucky's population lives in Louisville, so a number of schools can be found there, including the career-oriented Sullivan University.

The only Space Science program in the U.S. can be found at Morehead State University in Northeastern Kentucky. Other unique offerings include the liberal arts programs at Alice Lloyd School in the Appalachians and Midway, the only women's college in Kentucky.

Independent Kentucky schools are responsible for as many as 25,000 students, most of them native to Kentucky, and these vocational colleges and universities are some of the most affordable in the state.

Work & Employment Opportunities for Kentucky College Graduates: Students at Kentucky colleges have plenty of promising prospects when it comes to employment. With growing metropolitan areas around Louisville, Lexington, and elsewhere in the state, ample career opportunities are available for graduates in a number of fields.

Agriculture still makes up a large percentage of Kentucky's economic output, but for those not inclined toward farming or veterinary medicine, there is plenty to do in the major cities and developing rural areas. Kentucky graduates will continue to find jobs in medicine, nursing, and social health, as well as education, business, and management.

The average annual salary in Kentucky is $37,370, with education, business, management, healthcare, hospitality, construction, and transportation employing the largest percentage of the state's workers.

Melissa Rudy.


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