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Looking for a brighter future in the Sunflower State? You can find affordable education opportunities at Kansas schools.

Your Guide to Colleges in Kansas: Finding a great college to attend in Kansas may be a daunting task, but it doesn't need to be with this guide to help you. Kansas--the famed land of Dorothy and her red shoes--boasts many options for students seeking to continue their educations in four-year private colleges, or two-year Associates degree programs. See below for a summary of the schools in Kansas available to you as a prospective college student and future seeker of jobs:

Private Kansas colleges:
  • • Kansas schools like Baker University and Southwestern College form the bread and butter of the Kansas colleges scene, at least in regard to private institutions. While Kansas state boasts relatively few higher education institutions compared with its New England, Mid-Atlantic, and West Coast peer states, its universities do offer their education at a lower cost.
  • • Newman University's annual tuition comes to $19,872, Benedictine College comes to $19,500 a year for tuition, and Bethel College will set you back $19,990. On average, a four-year private institution charges $26,273 a year for tuition and fees, making Kansas schools quite an affordable option for anyone seeking a thorough learning experience without that tuition sticker shock.
  • • Don't forget about several for-profit institutions like ITT Technical Institute (with a branch in Wichita) which might also provide some career training to fit your needs. ITT, especially, offers a cocktail of career-based, hands-on courses which may be suitable for goal-minded students looking to make their mark in specific fields and workplace settings.

Public Kansas colleges:
  • • Public universities and community colleges outnumber private institutions in Kansas, with University of Kansas (KU) and Kansas State University (KSU) dominating this market. With 30,000 students and $995 million in the endowment fund, the University of Kansas is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the most popular colleges in the nation and 11th nationwide for study abroad involvement (as currently a third of the students here travel overseas at least once).
  • • Not to be outdone, Kansas State University is perhaps the state's pre-eminent science research institution with a famed College of Technology and Aviation under its umbrella.
  • • Both schools in Kansas offer excellent sports options for serious athletes. One year's tuition and fees for a typical student rounds out to $7,200 at KSU and $7,875 for KU (these figures are both for in-state attendees - the cost spikes approximately three-fold for out-of-state students). This quite a bargain price for native Kansas residents looking for a good education on the cheap.

Kansas jobs and economy information:
  • • Kansas isn't the land of Dorothy anymore, although it is still a major grain producer and retains its agricultural roots. These days, the state is also a major oil and natural gas producer and a hub of the aerospace industry - plenty of enticing options for a new college graduate from schools in Kansas to choose from upon receiving that diploma.
  • • Several large corporations --Sprint Nextel, Payless Shoes, and Koch Industries--have planted their headquarters in the state. Perfect for Kansas colleges to set up recruiting sessions with these firms.
  • • And there's evidence that although the state was still 90.87% Caucasian by the 2005 census estimates, it is slowly beginning to diversify and offer its student graduates a chance to work a multi-faceted economy as well as interact within an increasingly multicultural social landscape.
  • • The mean annual salary in this state is $38,530 (May 2009 estimate) and the average unemployment rate is 6.5% (a full 3 percentage points below the national average). If you're looking for a job, definitely don't pass up the state of Kansas as an opportunity for a budget-conscious education and for a career launch.

Launch a career by attending colleges in Kansas, and you'll be setting yourself up for a lifetime of great earnings and comfortable living.

Susan Tan.


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