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Founded in 1836, Wesleyan was the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. Every year since then, Wesleyan women have been making history. We take our role as a pioneer in women's education seriously. Today, we continue to educate women to do the extraordinary in their professions and in service to their communities. At Wesleyan, women are expected to think, to explore, and to dream big. It's an environment where no student will ever be told that she can't do something because it's too hard.Wesleyan offers a strong merit scholarship program and is recognized as one of the nation's most affordable private colleges. Because we are committed to helping every qualified young woman afford a Wesleyan education, we set our tuition well below that of most private colleges. Wesleyan raises millions of dollars each year for student scholarships, grants, and student employment. A low student-to-faculty ratio guarantees students are known by more than a number. Most classes have less than 20 students. There are no big lecture halls at Wesleyan. To encourage discussion, classes are taught seminar style by professors, not by teaching assistants. Exemplary students are encouraged to conduct and present rigorous scholarly research in close consultation with faculty members. A student may participate in honors research by completing an honors thesis during her senior year or by making a presentation at a conference off campus. The International Study Abroad and Exchange Program provides outstanding academic opportunities that extend the boundaries of our campus, widen our educational horizon, and encourage personal and academic growth through semester, summer, or year-long studies in a variety of countries. Students have access to programs through the International Education of Students (IES) consortium, CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange), MISEN (Methodist International Student Exchange Network), and direct exchange agreements through the Business Education Initiative.

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Private, Women's college 1836 United Methodist Semester $58.6 million + 4760 Forsyth Road, Macon, GA 31210 (478) 477-1110
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