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Vision StatementThe University of Washington educates a diverse student body to become responsible global citizens and future leaders through a challenging learning environment informed by cutting-edge scholarship.Discovery is at the heart of our university.We discover timely solutions to the worlds most complex problems and enrich the lives of people throughout our community, the state of Washington, the nation and the world.Uniquely WashingtonThe University of Washingtons vision and strategic priorities reflect the core values and culture that make us great and unique.- UW Standard of Excellence: We recruit the best, most diverse and innovative faculty and staff from around the world, encouraging a vibrant intellectual community for our students. We link academic excellence to cutting-edge research through scholarly exploration and intellectual rigor. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, as a beacon for our community and the world.- Academic Community: We are educators and learners. We promote access to excellence and strive to inspire through education that emphasizes the power of discovery and the foundation of critical and analytic thinking. We foster creativity, challenge the boundaries of knowledge and cultivate independence of mind through unique interdisciplinary partnerships.- World Leaders in Research: We have grown into the most successful public research university in the nation in attracting support for our research. Ours is a proud culture of innovation, collaboration and discovery that has transformational impact.- Celebrating Place: The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest envelops us. This is an important element of who we are, for this awe-inspiring place not only anchors us, it reaffirms our desire to effect positive change in the world around us. We accept gratefully our role in preserving and enhancing Washington: the place, the people, our home.- Spirit of Innovation: As Washingtonians, we are profoundly optimistic about our future. Based on our past and present, we find inspiration for the future. Ours is a culture with a determined persistence that engenders innovation and a belief that our goals can be realized.- World Citizens: We are compassionate and committed to the active pursuit of global engagement and connectedness. We assume leadership roles to make the world a better place through education and research. We embrace our role to foster engaged and responsible citizenship as part of the learning experience of our students, faculty and staff.- Being Public: As a public university we are deeply committed to serving all our citizens. We collaborate with partners from around the world to bring knowledge and discovery home to elevate the quality of lives of Washingtonians. This measure of public trust and shared responsibility guides our decision-making as well as our aspirations and vision for the future.

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Public, Coed 1861 N/A Quarter $3.0 billion + Box 355852, Seattle, WA 98195 (206) 543-9686
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61 100.0 Washington Seattle 852 124

Grade Rank

project rank score
Best Business Schools () 22 78 out of 100
Locked ()
Part-time MBA (Tie) 13
Best Education Schools () 9 89 out of 100
Curriculum and Instruction () 10
Educational Administration and Supervision () 10
Educational Psychology () 11
Elementary Teacher Education () 5
Secondary Teacher Education () 9
Special Education () 8
Best Engineering Schools (Tie) 26 52 out of 100
Biomedical Engineering / Bioengineering (Tie) 9
Computer Engineering (Tie) 9
Best Law Schools (Tie) 32 61 out of 100
Best Medical Schools: Primary Care () 3 95 out of 100
Best Medical Schools: Research (Tie) 11 73 out of 100
Internal Medicine () 9
Pediatrics (Tie) 7
Psychiatry () 11
Radiology () 11
Surgery () 8
Best Nursing Schools: Doctor of Nursing Practice () 3
Best Nursing Schools: Master's () 5
Nurse Practitioner: Adult / Gerontology, Primary Care () 7
Nurse Practitioner: Family (Tie) 1
Nurse Practitioner: Pediatric, Primary Care () 3
Nurse Practitioner: Psychiatric / Mental Health, Across the Lifespan () 4
Audiology () 4
Biological Sciences () 23
Genetics / Genomics / Bioinformatics () 5
Microbiology () 2
Chemistry () 24
Analytical () 8
Clinical Psychology () 8
Computer Science () 6
Artificial Intelligence () 5
Programming Language () 6
Systems () 6
Theory () 11
Earth Sciences () 10
Economics () 35
English () 35
Fine Arts () 20
Ceramics () 12
Health Care Management () 10
History () 23
Library and Information Studies () 2
Digital Librarianship () 3
Information Systems () 3
Law Librarianship () 1
School Library Media () 7
Services for Children and Youth () 2
Math () 26
Analysis () 17
Applied Math () 11
Nursing-Midwifery () 12
Occupational Therapy () 14
Pharmacy () 9
Physical Therapy () 28
Physician Assistant () 11
Physics () 22
Nuclear () 4
Political Science () 33
Psychology () 26
Public Affairs () 6
Environmental Policy and Management () 2
Local Government Management () 15
Nonprofit Management () 4
Public Finance and Budgeting () 5
Public Management and Leadership () 7
Public Policy Analysis () 11
Social Policy () 12
Urban Policy () 19
Public Health () 6
Social Work () 5
Sociology () 17
Sociology of Population () 14
Speech-Language Pathology () 3
Statistics () 8


Executive MBA
Part-time MBA


Curriculum and Instruction
Education Policy
Educational Administration and Supervision
Educational Psychology
Elementary Teacher Education
Higher Education Administration
Secondary Teacher Education
Special Education


Aerospace / Aeronautical / Astronautical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering / Bioengineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical / Electronic / Communications Engineering
Environmental / Environmental Health Engineering
Industrial / Manufacturing / Systems Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering


Clinical Training
Dispute Resolution
Environmental Law
Health Care Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Legal Writing
Tax Law
Trial Advocacy


Obstetrics and Gynecology


Clinical Nurse Leader
Nurse Practitioner: Adult / Gerontology, Acute Care
Nurse Practitioner: Adult / Gerontology, Primary Care
Nurse Practitioner: Family
Nurse Practitioner: Pediatric, Primary Care
Nurse Practitioner: Psychiatric / Mental Health, Across the Lifespan
Nursing Administration
Nursing Informatics

Social Sciences

Political Science

Library & Information Studies

Library and Information Studies


Occupational Therapy
Health Care Management
Physical Therapy
Social Work
Speech-Language Pathology
Clinical Psychology
Public Health
Physician Assistant

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

The Sciences

Biological Sciences
Computer Science
Earth Sciences

Fine Arts

Fine Arts


The Michael G. Foster School of Business at University of Washington offers these departments and concentrations: accounting, consulting, e-commerce, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, general management, health care administration, international business, leadership, manufacturing and technology management, marketing, management information systems, not-for-profit management, production/operations management, organizational behavior, portfolio management, public administration, real estate, supply chain management/logistics, quantitative analysis/statistics and operations research, and transportation. Its tuition is full-time: $32,274 per year (in-state); full-time: $47,541 per year (out-of-state); part-time: $24,225 per year (in-state); part-time: $24,225 per year (out-of-state); executive: $51,500 per year (in-state); and executive: $51,500 per year (out-of-state). At graduation, 85.2 percent of graduates of the full-time program are employed.
title value
Application deadline (U.S. residents) March 15
Application deadline (international students) January 11
Applicants (full-time)
Enrollment (full-time) 221
Gender distribution (full-time)
Required fees (full-time) $1,065 per year
Required fees (part-time) $1,065 per year
Required fees (executive degree program) $0 per year
Average base salary $119,904
Full-time graduates employed at graduation 85.2%
title address phone email websit rank rank_mark
2019 Quick Stats 221
Academics 221
title value
enrolled (full-time) 221
enrolled (part-time) 382
title value
per year (full-time, in-state) $32,274
per year (full-time, out-of-state) $47,541
per year (part-time, in-state) $24,225
per year (part-time, out-of-state) $24,225
per year (executive degree, in-state) $51,500
per year (executive degree, out-of-state) $51,500


The School of Medicine at University of Washington has an application deadline of October 15. The application fee at University of Washington is $35. Its tuition is full-time: $35,493 (in-state) and full-time: $65,199 (out-of-state). The faculty-student ratio at University of Washington is 2.8:1. The School of Medicine has 3,820 full- and part-time faculty on staff.
title value
Applications accepted June 1 (Begins) October 15 (Ends)
Application fee $35
AMCAS application accepted Yes
AACOMAS application accepted No
Full-time faculty 2,945
Full-time faculty-student ratio 2.8:1
Total medical school enrollment 1,042
Gender distribution
Required fees $472
Graduates admitted to their first-choice residency program N/A
Most popular residency and specialty programs (2016 and 2017 classes)
obstetrics and gynecology
emergency medicine
family practice
internal medicine
surgery - general
title address phone email websit rank rank_mark
11 Tie
2019 Quick Stats 1,042
Cost $472
title value
enrolled 1,042
title value
(full-time, in-state) $35,493
(full-time, out-of-state) $65,199


The application fee is $85 for U.S. residents and $85 for international students. The 2017 Ph.D. student-faculty ratio is 3.5:1. The College of Engineering at University of Washington has 264 full-time faculty on staff.
title value
Application deadline (U.S. residents) N/A
Application fee (U.S. residents) $85
Application deadline (international students) N/A
Application fee (international students) $85
Full-time faculty (tenured or tenure-track) 264
Ph.D. student/faculty ratio 3.5:1
Enrollment (full-time) 1,678
Gender distribution (full-time)
Tuition (master's, full-time)
Tuition (master's, part-time)
Tuition (doctoral, full-time)
Tuition (doctoral, part-time)
title address phone email websit rank rank_mark
26 Tie
2019 Quick Stats 1,678
Cost Tie
title value
enrolled (full-time) 1,678
enrolled (part-time) 766
title value