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Thomas College has a unique program called The Thomas Guarantee. Under this program, students are guaranteed a job upon graduation; guaranteed tuition; guaranteed to graduate in four years; and guaranteed career services for life. There is a contract signed by the student and Thomas College that outlines what is needed to be done on behalf of each party. Under the job guarantee students need to maintain a 3.0 GPA, complete community service, meet with Career Services, attend leadership events, and actively pursue a job. If the student meets all these requirements and is not offered a job they can enroll at Thomas for free in another Bachelor Degree or begin a Masters Degree. Under the guaranteed tuition a student must maintain a 3.5 GPA each academic year in order for tuition to remain the same. Under the guaranteed graduation, a student must take 15 credits a semester. If the student is unable to take a requisite course for their major because its not offered or if the advisor makes a mistake in their course sequence, Thomas will pay for the extra courses needed to complete their degree. All graduates, no matter GPA will have access to the career services office.Thomas College offers a three-year degree option for all business programs. Named the Keist-Morgan Scholars program after its founding members (Thomas was opened as a business school in 1894). Students should have a 3.4 GPA and 1500 SAT (three part) or a 21 ACT.The Criminal Justice program works in conjunction with the Maine State Criminal Justice Academy. Students that want to attend the academy are allowed to during their Junior or Senior and receive credit towards their CJ degree.Starting in Fall 2014, Thomas will be partnering with Jobs for Maines Graduates (part of the national organization Jobs for Americas Graduates) to have a full-time JMG Counselor on campus to help with retention, transition, and career exploration.Thomas has a one-week course that begins prior to the fall semester for first-year students called EDGE. This week is designed for first-generation students to help transition to college. Students earn 3-credits and with successful completion of the program receive a $500 book stipend in the first year. The program enrolls 75 students each year and each student will have a mentor throughout their time at Thomas.Maymester was created to help at-risk students (academically and potential students losing financial aid) earn 3-credits at the end of the spring semester (after finals) to stay at Thomas.

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Private, Coed 1894 N/A Semester N/A 180 W. River Road, Waterville, ME 04901 (207) 859-1111
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Maine Waterville 481