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Swarthmore is a highly selective college of liberal arts and engineering that prepares leaders for the common good. Our passionate students collaborate, rather than compete. We like to dive deep and then put our ideas to work--and we've been doing that for more than 150 years. Swatties are intellectual adventurers, and we offer an endless academic buffet. Whether in the classroom or the fitness center, in your dorm or the dining hall, conversations here challenge, inspire, and enlighten. We thrive on open dialogue, shoulder-to-shoulder discovery, and face-to-face exploration. In addition to offering one of the most vigorous academic experiences in the world, our pass-fail first semester lets you discover life-changing passions without focusing on grades. You might be drawn to our one-of-a-kind Honors Program, featuring small, student-focused seminars that focus on topics you love. Or you might find value in our ABET-accredited engineering program as part of a liberal arts environment. Our prospective engineers benefit from working on technical projects within the broader context of subjects like political science, economics, psychology, art, and history. Our arboretum campus inspires us with world-renowned gardens and untamed forests. You might do fieldwork in the Crum Woods for an animal communication seminar, research how our green roofs reduce energy costs for your environmental economics course, or watch your friends rehearse a theater performance in the outdoor amphitheater. Want to relax? Take a nap on the sun-drenched lawn of Parrish Beach or clear your head with a trail run through the woods. Hop the train (right at the foot of campus) into Philadelphia to have bubble tea or catch a concert. Swarthmore's campus is a physical place that helps define your inner landscape. We draw on our Quaker roots to create an equitable and civic-minded campus culture. The annual activity fee covers a lot of what students do in their free time, like sports events, movies, music and dance performances, plays, late-night coffee and snacks at the library--even laundry and printing. Our processes for admitting students and awarding financial aid help build a student body that reflects a wide range of values and life experiences. Our dedication to affordability and access is rare among colleges and universities. More than half of students received aid in 2016-17, with an average award of $46,681. Swarthmore makes admissions decisions for U.S. citizens and permanent residents without considering a family's ability to pay. If you're admitted, it carefully considers various factors and offers up to 100% of your family's demonstrated need.Swarthmore provides opportunities for you to discover yourself more fully. A single week on your calendar might include Ultimate Frisbee practice, a master class in screenwriting, a vinyasa yoga session, a mock job interview, a climate change panel discussion, an exhibition of comic book art, and a night of jazz music and food trucks. We help you figure out your post-college plans with internships that range from on-campus research with faculty to work at places like Cleveland Clinic, JPMorgan Chase, the Smithsonian, Amazon, NASA, and the Federal Reserve. Our law school applicants are accepted at a rate of 90 percent (compared to the national average of 78 percent), and 88 percent of our applicants are admitted to medical school (compared to the national average of 41 percent). Swatties want to use their knowledge for the common good. They create technology that enables people to track food donations, found leadership programs for girls who have lost family members to violence, fund programs for equitable real estate development, and design structures for reflection and contemplation. We work to initiate positive change in fields as diverse as business, medicine, government, education, and the arts. Our students strive to make the most of their opportunities and abilities to benefit the world around

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Private, Coed 1864 N/A Semester $1.7 billion + 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081 (610) 328-8000
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