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Santa Fe University of Art and Design traces its roots directly to the charter of the oldest educational institution in the New Mexico Territory, several decades prior to the creation of the State of New Mexico in 1912. In August 2010 the historic former liberal arts school, The College of Santa Fe, became Santa Fe University of Art and Design, an institution primarily focused on the creative arts and the application of creative problem solving. Today, the university offers undergraduate degrees in the disciplines of: Art, Creative Writing and Literature, Digital Arts, Graphic Design, Film, Contemporary Music, Theatre, and Photography - each supported by a compelling and shared liberal arts core. Strong faculty-student interaction supports and promotes an interdisciplinary learning community in which active discussion and interaction are encouraged and valued. Both the full-time faculty and the supportive cast of contributing faculty are deeply engaged in their respective professional disciplines and/or the research thereof. These faculty and our students are further supported by an ongoing series of guest artist/scholar presentations throughout the year, each chosen from a different area of the fields we offer. The university is increasingly engaged in the arts communities of the Western region, the greater U.S. and a growing number of international partners. As a proud member of the Laureate International Universities network, Santa Fe University of Art and Design actively seeks to bring appropriately qualified Semester-Abroad students from our network partner schools to study and live alongside our much larger population of domestic students, a large number of whom enter the University directly from high school. There are few institutions of higher learning in our country that can rival the learning experience currently offered to our students. With our excellent and well-equipped facilities and resources, relatively small class size, a very strong, student-centered faculty, and the unique cultural texture and resources of the City of Santa Fe, the university offers a richly diverse, academically challenging, and creatively intensive education to a fully-engaged student body.

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