Rosemont College

A students education and experience should stem from their goals, their strengths, and their best opportunities to make positive changes to the world. At Rosemont College students will gain knowledge, develop critical skills, and grow as a person of character. Rosemont College offers students an exceptional and comprehensive learning experience. With 23 undergraduate majors; 11 graduate programs; 10 pre-professional, certification, and dual-degrees programs; 13 varsity sport teams; and numerous clubs, Rosemont develops a students unique talents emphasizing what they best at and remains connected to what they want to do. Rosemont's degree requirements ensure that students will build intellectual muscle and practical skills in many areas including language, writing, science, ethics, culture, religion, and the arts. They will work with professors and advisors to draft a personalized mission plan that will guide their academic and extracurricular life. Students will also gain a solid understanding of their major by combining things they learn in class with internships and field placement. Every Rosemont student links classroom learning with the real world through hands-on experiences.

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Private, Coed 1921 Roman Catholic Semester $16.9 million 1400 Montgomery Avenue, Rosemont, PA 19010 (610) 527-0200
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