Rhode Island School of Design

Since its founding in 1877, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD or RIZ-dee) has earned an international reputation as the preeminent college of art and design in the United States. The mission of Rhode Island School of Design is to educate students and the public in the creation and appreciation of works of art and design, to discover and transmit knowledge, and to make lasting contributions to a global society through critical thinking, scholarship and innovation. RISD attracts extraordinary people as faculty and students who thrive in its creative culture of studio-based education. Part of that culture is the critique or crit as they are commonly referred to at RISD. Crits are a unique learning mode where students present their work to reviewers, articulate their intentions, and receive feedback. Critiques are core to the development and assessment of creative work. The reviewers might be students and faculty from within or outside the department, or a group that includes external professional reviewers. External critics can also be from other disciplines to bring a fresh perspective to the evaluation of the work. Successful critiques are about perceptive, constructive feedback, rather than judgments about good or bad. The practice and discipline of critique provides a pathway through which students develop a lifelong ability to self-evaluate and to reflect on improving, articulating and evolving their ideas. RISD offers rigorous bachelors and masters degree programs in 19 architecture, design, fine arts and art education majors. With over 450 faculty members who are outstanding artists, designers, and architects, RISD enrolled 1,999 undergraduate and 478 graduate students in Fall 2016. A major cultural institution in Rhode Island, the RISD Museum of Art, was founded in conjunction with the School. The RISD Museum houses more than 100,000 works of fine and decorative art ranging from ancient times to the present. It is the only comprehensive art museum in southeastern New England and, as such, is a vital cultural resource both for RISD and the broader community. With seven curatorial departments, the museum offers a rich and varied program of exhibitions, lectures, tours, workshops and publications. It is dedicated to the interpretation of art and design from diverse cultures, and to educating and inspiring artists and designers, families, scholarly researchers and students of all ages. The RISD library is one of the oldest independent art college libraries in the country. Its circulating collection of more than 160,000 volumes offers unusual depth and richness in the areas of art, architecture, design and photography. The collection provides strong historical and contemporary perspectives, and specialized materials in landscape architecture, ceramics, textiles and jewelry support upper-level research. RISDs specialized library is also noted for its artists books collection, its rare books, some 400 periodical subscriptions and collections of outstanding visual resources. RISD's Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab is a unique resource for examining, exploring and understanding the patterns, structures and interactions of design in nature. A 1920 graduate of RISD and a long-time faculty member, Edna Lawrence founded the Nature Lab in 1937. Since then its collections, along with specialized microscopes and other equipment for studying them, have continued to grow to include more than 80,000 specimens and other items of natural history. The nature lab also houses live animals and plants, a natural history reference library and clipping file, and archives of slides, tapes, videos and x-ray photographs. Students may borrow selected objects as reference for studio projects.

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