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On Sept. 13, 1948, Pensacola State College (called Pensacola Junior College at that time) welcomed its first class of students and embraced a mission of providing quality, affordable, and accessible educational opportunities through a variety of delivery methods. Fueled by post-World War II optimism, the new college offered basic courses leading to an associate degree that transferred to universities or directly to the local job market. Almost seven decades later, Pensacola State is continuing to lay the foundation for students to become workers, innovators, leaders and lifelong learners, benefitting their families and the community. As the area's first institution of higher learning, Pensacola State is providing a range of programs that equip students for a competitive workplace, whether the path to that workplace requires certification, an associate degree, or bachelor's degree. Often, these programs are trendsetters in the academic and workforce communities. For instance, our engineering technology students are manufacturing their own designs using cutting-edge 3-D color printers, putting them well ahead of current workers in the field. Meanwhile, our sophomore organic chemistry students are using a high-tech Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer to process data from their experiments. This hands-on experience with the NMR is usually reserved for graduate-level students and those in scientific research.Our close relationships with the local business and educational communities are a hallmark of Pensacola State and ensure the college is offering diverse programs that benefit students preparing for immediate employment or university transfer. We have responded to numerous industry needs presented by the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce. In particular, we began an innovative welding program using computerized welding simulators and live welding machines, housed in two tractor-trailer trucks that can literally take the program to areas where training is needed.In 2016, our efforts received national recognition when Pensacola State was invited to be part of the White House TechHire Initiative that focuses on supplying educational pathways to well-paying, high-tech jobs. To make the most of our outstanding programs, we have plenty of resources in place for students to be successful. Besides traditional support in financial aid, advising and tutoring, we have implemented new online tools to assist students at times and locations that are more convenient for them. For instance, our Virtual Tutoring program is a live website where students can see and talk to instructors late into the evening and on weekends to get the help they need. Well-equipped facilities also play a role in student success and we are looking forward to opening the new 11,000-square-foot Charles W. Lamar studio gallery, a welcome addition to our acclaimed Switzer Visual Arts Center. Additionally, we are in the planning stages for a state-of-the-art 101,000-square-foot building to house our programs in cybersecurity, math, science and applied technology.Our programs along with our clubs and service organizations focus on preparing our students to be well-rounded, productive citizens. Add in the contributions of a highly-qualified and dedicated faculty and staff, and it is easy to see why Pensacola State consistently receives national recognition as a Top One Percent in Most Affordable Colleges, a Top 100 college for producing associate degrees, and a Top 15 Percent Military Friendly School.The real measure of success in fulfilling our mission statement comes from our own students. A recent National Gallup Poll of our students reported the following: 96 percent of our students believe the cost is worth the educational outcome; 94 percent believe at least one professor made them excited about learning; and 90 percent of our students believe their professors care about them as a person.

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