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For nearly 175 years Olivet College has equipped its students to succeed in life. By forming a partnership with each student, Olivet places them at the center of an assessment process designed to help unlock and develop the skills necessary to successfully reach their goals. Students are challenged to take responsibility for their own learning and personal development. Olivet also fosters an understanding of the importance of service to others and the community as students prepare for their roles as successful professional and civic leaders. Dedicated to its values-based mission of Education for Individual and Social Responsibility, Olivet integrates "responsibility" throughout its curriculum. With an ongoing focus on outstanding academics, a friendly, supportive community and affordable cost, Olivet provides its 1,000 students exceptional value in a distinguished environment. These qualities enable the college to graduate young adults who are sought after by employers and graduate schools - in fact, the college's placement rates for both are high. Olivet was one of the first colleges in the United States to admit women and minorities, by charter, on an equal basis with men. Still today, Olivet has one of the most diverse student populations of any private college in Michigan. Olivet consists of first-generation college students, students from urban and rural environments, and students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, with more than 50 percent qualifying for Federal Pell Grants. This provides Olivet graduates a tremendous, real-world experience over those from other private colleges. Under President Steven M. Corey, Ph.D., the college is working toward its new vision, "Charting the Course for Olivet College 2020 and Beyond." This multi-year plan involved input from all of the colleges constituents - including students, faculty, staff, alumni, administrators and trustees - to identify and implement key objectives in charting the course for the future of Olivet. Among these objectives, a traditional liberal arts core curriculum is equally prioritized in combination with professional vocations such as insurance and risk management, criminal justice, the natural and physical sciences, business administration and more. In addition, the college places a strong focus on the residential experience provided to its students, recognizing the education students receive outside of the classroom is equally important as the education they receive in the classroom. Olivet remains as dedicated today, as it was at its founding, to providing the opportunity of a quality liberal arts education and career preparation regardless of financial means, and will continue to offer this unique educational experience well into the future.

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Private, Coed 1844 United Church of Christ Semester $16.8 million + 320 S. Main Street, Olivet, MI 49076 (269) 749-7000
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42 100.0 Michigan Olivet 61