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"I learn best when Im totally involved. Thats what I like about New England College." In a simple, clear sentence, a New England College student recently captured the essence of attending NEC. Involvement means hands-on learning, civic and community engagement, and taking advantage of the rich natural environment that surrounds the campus. These are the Colleges "Three Pillars" of learning. Linked closely with an emphasis on the liberal arts the Three Pillars is an approach that prepares students for a lifetime of personal and professional success.NEC emphasizes experiential and hands-on learning as a critical component of the full educational experience. Students recently performed community service in New Orleans, studied coral reefs in Belize, organized and led an outdoor education trip in the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec, worked with farmers in Kenya to reduce the global carbon footprint, and much more.The College stresses the critical importance of civic engagement and involvement as an active citizen of the larger community. Taking full advantage of New Hampshires unique political role, Town Hall Meetings have been hosted for numerous presidential contenders including Carly Fiorina, Bernie Sanders, George Pataki, and Donald Trump.NEC highlights an understanding of the natural environment and its role in the human experience. Students recently participated in studies as varied as winter wilderness rescue training and a published research article regarding circadian cycles. NEC is part of (NH-INBRE), a state-wide biological research initiative designed to increase opportunities for students and faculty to participate in original scientific research; enhance the science and technology training of the work force; and, enhance the bioinformatics infrastructure required for modern biomedical research.The faculty at New England College excel at listening and guiding students, bringing real life experiences into their teaching and achieving high levels of scholarship and academic excellence. Faculty cherish their special role of nurturer, coach, and instructor, fostering the unique strengths and abilities of each student. NEC professors encourage intellectual, personal, and professional growth and discovery. They give students the courage to step outside their comfort zone and accomplish things they never thought possible.NECs Pathways Center, an innovative combination of academic advising, mentoring, study skills and support services, and career and life planning, plays a key role in the academic and professional achievements of all students. Over a third of our students participate in a varsity sport, with skiing returning to campus in fall 2015. All NEC students ski free of charge at Pats Peak, one of New Hampshires finest ski mountains, located only 2 miles from campus.Over a third of last years incoming class was African American, Latino, Asian, or multi-racial. NEC is an open and caring community that celebrates diversity. Our education is meaningful and possible because of our commitment to give every single student a chance.

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Private, Coed 1946 N/A Differs by program $11.7 million 15 Main Street, Henniker, NH 03242 (603) 428-2211
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New Hampshire Henniker 75 92