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Minot State University is built upon a core commitment to students, learning, service, cooperation, and a respect for people and place. Our Vision 2013 is a vision for Minot State University to become a premier public institution in the Great Plains. This bold initiative rests on a philosophy of engagement and place. We believe that the university experience should provide students connection between academic subjects and the reality of life on the Great Plains, between theory and practice and between local experiences and global realities. This philosophy is grounded in an expectation that all students can learn, grow, and succeed if given the support, guidance and an engaging learning environment. Minot State University seeks individuals that will help us create a community that is pervasively focused on: student growth, learning and success; the development of students with integrity, character, and intelligence; institutional commitment to civic engagement, stewardship of its local and global place; and meaningful service for the welfare of others. While appropriately proud of its history as a teacher preparatory institution, Minot State University received all necessary approvals to offer jointly with the University of North Dakota a Ph.D. program in Criminal Justice. The institution located in a medium sized city in northwest North Dakota, through its three colleges, Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education and Health Sciences, has become a truly engaged university. As the University has systematically raised expectations for its students, faculty and staff towards reaching and achieving objectives set forth in MSUs Vision 2013.The university values critical and creative thinking, vitality of communities and cultures, stewardship of place, and the multicultural and global environment. The university honors and supports the dignity and rights of diverse individuals, freedom of expression, academic freedom, ethical and moral behavior, integrity, fairness, and honesty. Minot State University is first and foremost dedicated to the success of all students: their growth and development as educated citizens, their confidence, and their life-long devotion to the common good and the welfare of others. Core ValuesMSU cares deeply about its students, their learning, and their growth. The university is proud of its values and long-term commitment to: -Teaching and learning with excellence, integrity, and engagement -Serving students and others respectfully and responsibly -Following high ethical and moral principles -Supporting the values of community and place, where all community members are -valued and respected for their work, contributions, and freedom of expression.

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Public, Coed 1913 N/A Semester $18.3 million 500 University Avenue W, Minot, ND 58707 (701) 858-3000
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North Dakota Minot 360 349