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The Kings College seeks to transform society as it educates students for the long-term goal of leading strategic public and private institutions by providing a foundation in classic social and political theory, Western history, economic analysis, philosophical inquiry, logic, abstract thought, theology, and the disciplines of writing and the spoken word. The College aims to equip students with life-long habits of mind, intellectual skills, and enduring motivations, rather than merely vocational skills or pre-professional training. We recognize the need to educate students as whole persons with the moral astuteness, intellectual insight, and personal discipline to become autonomous (literally, law-governed) adults. To that end, we aspire to a form of education that integrates classroom instruction, extra-curricular commitments, and service to the larger community. Even though our program is not in spirit vocational or pre-professional, we recognize that our graduates must be prepared to enter an economy and a society that already exists and cannot be made to order. To that end, we are committed to equipping students with a thorough understanding of the organization of contemporary society and the various professions that influence the "strategic institutions" (government, business, law, the media, civil society, education, the arts, and the church); to give them realistic maps of how careers in these fields typically advance; and to acquaint them with the proximate steps, whether through further education or entry-level positions, that will set them on a course towards longer-term success. The Kings College serves students who seek a rigorous undergraduate education that is rooted in the Christian liberal arts tradition. The College is open to all students, regardless of their religious affiliations. The College is also committed to supporting faculty members as they provide a rigorous undergraduate education to students and also as they directly engage culture through writing and speaking publicly on critical issues.

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Private, Coed 1938 Undenominational Semester N/A 56 Broadway, New York, NY 10004 (212) 659-7200
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New York New York 1074