Hampden-Sydney College

The spirit of Hampden-Sydney lies in its sense of community and its preservation of tradition. H-SC seeks "to form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning." In continuous operation since November 10, 1775 (Patrick Henry and James Madison were among its first Trustees,) Hampden-Sydney is the tenth oldest college in the United States. Hampden-Sydney College has a 9% higher graduation rate than the national average for men. Here you will find a real brotherhood: friends and mentors who will walk with you on your journey. Honor and civility form the lifeblood of the College. Challenged by the curriculum and guided by the professors, students grow not only academically, but also morally. Our small-college life encourages students' involvement in campus-life. Athletics, clubs, publications, and fraternities each play a role in our holistic education. Many students reap the benefits of our 1,330 acre rural campus by hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. Clenching opportunities to volunteer through H-SC's Volunteer Fire Department, The Wilson Center for Leadership, and service projects at home and abroad, students develop their sense of public service and leadership. In addition to the College's own study abroad programs, H-SC students can participate in and earn academic credit for approved foreign-study programs in Europe, Central and South America, South and East Asia, the Middle East, and the Virginia Program at Oxford. In addition, the H-SC faculty regular develop catered May Term Abroad programs in special topics in their discipline. Past programs have included European Union Studies in France, Economics/Political Science/Culture studies in Eastern Europe, Tropical Biology in Mexico, Theater in Scotland, Language Immersion in Spain, and Area Studies in Egypt. Our College produces men well-suited for the challenges of a job, the demands of social service, and the pleasure of personal endeavors. The plaque on our front gate says it all: "Come here as youths so that you may leave as men." HUC VENITE IUVENES UT EXEATIS VIRI.

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Private, Men's college 1775 Presbyterian Semester $145.4 million PO Box 667, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943 (434) 223-6000
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56 100.0 Virginia Hampden-Sydney 154