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Grace Bible College was recognized in 2016-17 as #18 on the list of "50 Most Affordable Bible Colleges," #19 on the list of "Best Online Colleges in 2017," and #23 on the list of "50 Most Beautiful Bible Colleges." The College was also awarded the Jonathan N. Thigpen Growth Award from the Association for Biblical Higher Education for 72% enrollment growth in the 4th quartile in 2016. Grace Bible College is dually accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Grace Bible College provides a unique learning community in which students are encouraged to grow academically, spiritually, and relationally. Students are nurtured by an outstanding Community Life staff, assisted by customer-focused Financial Aid and Business Staff, and challenged by competent Faculty. At the center of all we do are our institutional core values: Bible-centered, Grace Theology, ministry-focused, and transformational relationships. The mission of the College is to graduate godly individuals prepared to serve Christ in church and society. To this end, our core curriculum integrates a biblical worldview, cultural intelligence, technology, and leadership opportunities through classroom and experiential learning opportunities. Grace Bible College not only prepares graduates for vocational ministry, but also for careers in business, human services, and music. Our faculty are committed to being life-long learners and to providing quality education. Faculty are involved in a variety of professional development opportunities as well as scholarship including publishing and presenting at conferences in their discipline. 83% of our full-time faculty have doctoral degrees. Faculty and students serve together through cross-cultural experiences both locally on mission trips in the continental United States, and globally in our study abroad opportunities to countries including Belize, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Tanzania, and Turkey. Each student graduates with a degree in Bible as well as in their chosen field of study such as Business, Early Childhood, Human Services, Ministry, or Music, or from our consortium programs such as Education, Exercise Science, Management, or Sports Management. Our leadership, faculty and staff are passionate about becoming more diverse and inclusive. Therefore, our campus community is engaged in a quality initiative designed to increase the cultural intelligence of students, faculty, staff, and administration. This focus will enable our graduates to work and minister in diverse settings with diverse groups of people. In 2016, Grace Bible College had five athletic teams make and place in the top five at the NCCAA Division II National Championships, which is the most successful year for our athletic program in the history of Grace Bible College. Women's Soccer took 2nd place, Men's Basketball took 3rd place, Men's Soccer took 4th place and Women's Volleyball took 5th place. Grace Bible College launched a strategic podcast brand "Profession and Pursuit" highlighting outstanding alumni, community leaders, and faculty. Our Worship Arts Program earned the 2016 Top 20 Worship Schools Award. Tommee Profitt and Brandon Clahassey are among our recent distinguished alumni. Tommee Profitt is a Dove Award Winning Producer/Composer/Songwriter and Brandon Clahassey of Beacon Light is the winner of Best Video of 2016 "We Love Music Awards."Grace Bible College provides high quality educatoin at a low cost in an environment which fosters transformation.

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