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Do not include quotation marks. Limited to 4000 characters.According to the school, Defiance College is a private liberal arts college providing outstanding academic programs and co-curricular activities for a student body of approximately 1,100 students. Building on a strong foundation of more than a century of educating citizens for lives of leadership and service, Defiance College enables its students to take the knowledge they have gained and use it to change lives for the better in their communities, in distant villages, and in their careers. The Defiance experience starts with students first steps on campus. New students entering Defiance College work on their own individualized strategic plan. Defiance College offers students a world of opportunities to enhance their academic experience, from cultural visits in world-class cities across the continent, to international trips through the DC Global program, all of which open minds to new ideas and cultures and provide insights to help in competition for jobs and graduate school placement. Defiance College is the home of the McMaster School for Advancing Humanity, an innovative research program created to provide opportunities to more closely examine global issues and how they affect the human condition. The McMaster School serves as a catalyst for interdisciplinary, community-based work by creating and supporting initiatives for teams of faculty, students, and staff to use their academic and professional skills to address community needs. Students participated during 2014-15 in projects in Cambodia, Belize and Tanzania. Also part of the McMaster School are Project 701, an innovative student-run nonprofit organization; the Partnership for Jobs and Work Experience Program helping students gain work experience off-campus and on; and exciting Imagine travel initiatives. Defiance College is also home of the Hench Autism Studies Program providing a multifaceted approach to serving individuals and families facing the challenges associated with autism. Defiances Service Leader Program provides $2,000 tuition scholarships for new students who demonstrate a record of service in their communities. This leadership program provides students with opportunities to professionalize their leadership skills and deepen their understanding and practice of community engagement and democratic practice. Majors at Defiance College that appeal to 21st century students include forensic science, digital forensic science, and global and international studies. Defiance offers 20 NCAA intercollegiate mens and womens sports including recently-added lacrosse.

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Private, Coed 1850 United Church of Christ Semester $14.1 million + 701 N. Clinton Street, Defiance, OH 43512 (419) 784-4010
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