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Students at Concordia are inspired to change and be changed by the world. They benefit from an academically challenging, yet welcoming and supportive learning environment. Faculty members help students discover theirpotential, pushing them to achieve beyond what they imagine is possible.As a leader in global liberal arts education, Concordia prepares studentsfor a radically integrated world that needs their skills of critical thinking, clear communication and intercultural competence. Recognized nationally and internationally for its dynamic commitment to global learning, Concordia engages students from the very start of their education in imagining the ways they can become responsibly engaged in the world.Our Concordia Language Villages, one of the premiere language and cultural immersion programs in the United States, has been advocating for language learning for all ages for more than 50 years. Concordia is a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Its a place where intellect and faith are active partners in the search for truth. Concordias mission centers on preparing students to serve their neighbors.The college has an enrollment of around 2,200 students and offers more than 60 majors and 12 preprofessional programs. The college has program distinctions in global education, music and the sciences, especially pre-med and other health professions. The new Offutt School of Business enhances several majors with a curriculum that emphasizes ethical leadership and entrepreneurship. Graduates demonstrate that the work of business is inseparable from responsible citizenship and the common good. The college ranks in the top 13 percent of colleges for graduates who go on to earn research doctorates. The medical school acceptance rate for Concordia graduates is 88 percent; the law school acceptance rate is 89 percent.Concordias world-class music program features 19 performance ensembles. Concordia Christmas concerts are broadcast nationwide on radio and television stations. Varsity athletic programs in 22 mens and womens sports have produced an NCAA Woman of the Year finalist and nine NCAA Postgraduate Scholars in recent years.

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Private, Coed 1891 Evangelical Lutheran Church Semester $107.2 million + 901 Eighth Street S, Moorhead, MN 56562 (218) 299-4000
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51 100.0 Minnesota Moorhead 526