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Central Christian College of Kansas, an evangelical Christian College embracing the Wesleyan tradition, is dedicated to educating men and women of character who will impact the world for Christ. Both the curricular and co-curricular programs are built around the Fit Four Model, which represent the outcomes Central Christian College of Kansas uses as a gauge relative to the fulfillment of its mission. The Fit Four include - Fit Hearts (Socially Responsible); Fit Souls (Spiritually Responsive); Fit Minds (Rationally Competent); Fit Bodies (Professional Astute). These four character outcomes serve as the virtues toward which the College presumes every student should demonstrate progress during his or her interaction with the College. It expresses a comprehensive approach to the educational experience. While it appreciates the discussion about the integration of faith and learning, it assumes that faith and learning need not be considered as two elements requiring integration. Rather, it recognizes that faith development, properly understood, is an outcome of the pursuit of truth through learning. Therefore, the role of the College is to amplify truth, as it presents itself through the arts and sciences, providing the foundation upon which a Christ Centered character can be formed.Through our residential program centrally located in McPherson, Kansas, and through our global online learning environment, Central Christian College of Kansas is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education for character.

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Private, Coed 1884 Free Methodist Differs by program N/A 1200 S. Main, PO Box 1403, McPherson, KS 67460 (620) 241-0723
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