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Calvary University is an accredited, independent, nondenominational institution providing undergraduate and graduate education which prepares Christians to live and serve in the church and the world according to a biblical worldview. Students earning a baccalaureate degree major not only in Bible and theology but also in their chosen professional major. The purpose of every program at Calvary is to teach students Bible and theology and to prepare them for occupation and ministry. Calvary University offers a one-year certificate program and traditional and non-traditional programs for B.Mus., B.A., B.S., and A.A. degrees. Calvary's educational programs emphasize biblical studies, complemented by general and professional education as well as practical field experience. The University is approved for the training of veterans and authorized to enroll nonimmigrant alien (international) students. Calvary's teacher education programs are approved by the State of Missouri. Candidates who graduate from these programs can be recommended for state certification and licensure. Calvary is also the only Bible College in the U.S. with a fully accredited Theatre Arts major and minor. We are a caring community where relationships are developed for a lifetime. Personal interaction with the faculty outside of the classroom and practical Christian ministry within the community help mold your perspective and develop confidence and experience. Extracurricular activities such as athletics and music (just to name a few), serve to broaden the quality of your education and deepen your relationships with fellow students. Our recently expanded campus includes amenities you will thoroughly enjoy.The Calvary campus is located in Kansas City, Missouri, a large Midwest city with a variety of employment and ministry opportunities, along with strong ties to active family and church life involvement. At CU, you will learn not only how to minister to others but also how to function effectively in the work place. Practical, hands-on training in your courses will give you confidence in your work and a means of discovering your career interests. Constructive input from your professors will equip you with the skills you need to grow in your abilities.Our reliable position on the fundamentals of the faith will give you confidence that your education will be based on sound doctrinal tenets of faith taught with conviction and love by qualified, dedicated faculty. If you want to have more than just a job, if you want to discover what Gods plan for your life entails, if you want to develop the spiritual gifts He has given you, if you want to make a real contribution to others, if you want to make a difference for yourself and Christ, then Calvary is the school for you! We don't just teach you how to make a living; we help you learn how to live!

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Private, Coed 1932 Other Protestant Continuous N/A 15800 Calvary Road, Kansas City, MO 64147 (816) 322-0110
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Missouri Kansas City 558 541