Bethel College

Bethel College is a 4-year liberal arts college affiliated with Mennonite Church USA. Bethel College's vision and mission are grounded in its historical relationship with the Christian faith tradition, expressed in seven fundamental values: discipleship (a high level of conviction and pursuit of authentic faith); scholarship (intellectual curiosity and critical inquiry); service (compassion and concern for the powerless); integrity; community; peace and social justice; and diversity (valuing all individuals for their unique combination of heritage, personality and talents). A Bethel education integrates faith and learning. It includes in-depth study for all majors - internships, undergraduate research and cross-cultural learning, gained through study abroad and through engaging diverse cultures more locally (for example, through theater in prison, or interfaith exchanges). Bethel has been recognized for the way it nurtures young people who are academically college-ready but need extra support as first-generation college students. Bethel prepares its students to make a difference in their churches, communities and the world.

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Private, Coed 1887 N/A 4-1-4 $17.1 million + 300 E. 27th Street, North Newton, KS 67117 (316) 283-2500
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Kansas North Newton 927