Bay Path University

Founded in 1897, Bay Path University has evolved to become a 21st century pioneer in innovative education. The Universitys dedicated focus on the principles of strategic leadership and masterful communication, implemented by a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into all facets of the curriculum, prepares students to become confident and resourceful contributors to the increasingly interdependent world. Within programs for undergraduate women and graduate programs for both men and women, Bay Path provides a supportive and highly personalized environment. The University is known for small classes where learning is valued, knowledge is prized, and the spirit and potential of its students is cultivated and celebrated.Both in and out of the classroom, students are challenged to accept the responsibilities and to experience the rewards of leadership through their education at Bay Path. Utilizing the latest technology, like the groundbreaking iPad Initiative, the University integrates opportunities to structure and strengthen analytical oral and written communication skills into the curriculum. Through required internships and field placements, students are challenged to apply and expand their academic experience. On every level of engagement, class work and real-life experience combine to provide both a meaningful education and a deep and abiding sense of empowered purpose.Bay Path develops students confidence in the fundamentals of their chosen field, encourages the curiosity to question the ordinary, and fosters leadership initiatives for the desire to make a difference. For undergraduate women studying at Bay Path, these goals are developed through the pioneering Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders (WELL) program. In this required, four-year curricular component, undergraduate women hone their leadership skills and develop skill sets around academics, research, writing, public presentation, technology, speaking, analysis, and synthesis to become self-assured learners. Grounded in the discovery of each students strengths, the WELL Program prepares students to lead a values-driven life in their future careers. WELL offers a multicultural, many-faceted, truly global perspective and set of resources for the leaders of tomorrow. The undergraduate academic experience for women offers a wide array of programs including biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, business, criminal justice, forensic psychology, forensic science, education, legal studies, liberal studies, neuroscience, psychology, and a five-year occupational therapy program leading to a masters degree. The Honors Program and the Women in Science Honors (WiSH) provide integrated and advanced study for qualified students. The 48-acre main campus is located in the historic community of Longmeadow, Massachusetts and the Central Mass Campus (Sturbridge) in the Worcester, Massachusetts. A center for graduate programs in the health sciences, with state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms, is located in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts opened in 2015. Bay Path enrolls more than 3,100 students collectively in the undergraduate college for women, a One-Day-A-Week Saturday program for adult women, an online undergraduate degree program for adult women known as The American Womens College, and graduate programs for women and men. Bay Path is both a residential and commuter University and provides on-campus and online programming for all student populations.

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Private, Women's college 1897 N/A Semester $40.8 million + 588 Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow, MA 01106 (413) 565-1000
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49 100.0 Massachusetts Longmeadow 497