Baptist College of Florida

The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) operates within the context of a Christian worldview to educate and train future ministers and other Christian leaders at the associate, baccalaureate, and masters levels. To fulfill its mission, the college seeks to develop those qualities in students that contribute to effective ministry. We seek to foster a desire for knowledge, develop cultural awareness, nurture the ability to acquire, assimilate, and use information, and promote personal and social maturity. For spiritual growth, we provide the resources for gaining biblical and religious knowledge along with practical application taught in and out of the classroom. The Faculty and Staff at BCF are dedicated Christians and highly qualified professionals who genuinely care and nurture students to reach their potential both spiritually and professionally. In terms of professional growth, students are enabled to gain the credentials that enhance opportunities for ministry, and they learn to master a specialized body of knowledge. At the same time, we encourage positive attitudes toward ministry and missions. Additionally, the college enjoys a low professor to student ratio and the students regularly interact with the faculty outside of the classroom, cultivating a strong mentoring relationship. Even though the institution is privately funded and operated, the tuition is relatively low, making it affordable for students from all socio-economic groups.

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Private, Coed 1943 N/A Semester $7.0 million 5400 College Drive, Graceville, FL 32440 (850) 263-3261
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Florida Graceville 819 905