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Recognized among Loren Pope's 40 Colleges That Change Lives, Allegheny College is one of the nation's most prestigious and dynamic institutions of higher education, a place where students are encouraged to explore their unusual combinations of interests and talents. Allegheny is one of the only colleges in the country that requires its students to choose both a major and minor, ensuring they develop the skills needed to be analytical, creative, and innovative. At Allegheny, when members of the college community talk about unusual combinations, they mean it as a tremendous compliment, a compliment that recognizes the unique character of each student. When you look around, you'll see a college president who studies decision-making by modern American presidents and then rolls up his sleeves for grassroots community service; an aspiring diplomat singing in the choir and building a bike path; a future physician who edits the college newspaper and pole vaults on an international stage. Unusual combinations, yes, but at Allegheny they are everyday examples of students exploring all of their talents, all of their passions. Allegheny is also a leader in higher education innovation, having been recognized in 2016 as the nation's top baccalaureate college for undergraduate research by the Council on Undergraduate Research. Allegheny students don't have to wait behind graduate students for research positions on faculty-led projects but instead are actively engaged as research collaborators. Students follow the guidance of faculty mentors through research, conference presentations, co-authored articles, and faculty-led study tours. Allegheny's faculty members are people who pride themselves on being teachers first. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor in his or her major field, every Allegheny student completes the comprehensive Senior Project, also known as The Comp, a significant piece of original scholarly work with a creative, analytical, or experimental focus. The project mirrors a master's thesis, demonstrating the student's ability to complete a major assignment, to work independently, to analyze and synthesize information, and to write and speak persuasively. Central to the college's focus on experiential learning is the Allegheny Gateway, which helps students connect classroom learning with real-world experience. Since its introduction in 2015, the Gateway has received national attention. It is a central location for collaboration and study in which students can access resume and career services, pre-professional and graduate school advising, research funding and fellowships, internships, service opportunities, and more. Allegheny's experiential learning opportunities, dynamic and diverse community of scholars, and vibrant campus environment set the stage for an amazing college experience, one that leads to extraordinary outcomes. Allegheny ranks in the top 5 percent of schools in the country for graduates who go on to earn a Ph.D. and in the top 4 percent in the sciences. Because of the reputation behind an Allegheny degree, our students are accepted to graduate schools (including medical and law schools) at rates twice the national average. And 95 percent of Allegheny students who begin their careers following graduation are employed within six months. It is this preparation for the global marketplace, and for life, that Allegheny is nationally known for providing.

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