United States Air Force Academy

The United States Air Force Academy was established in 1954 to train and motivate Air Force cadets pursuing careers in the military. The academy emphasizes character building, military discipline, physical fitness, and academic excellence. An academy education builds valuable leadership skills in all areas."The United States Air Force Academy is a world-class institution providing an immersive, comprehensive developmental experience to produce the worlds most innovative, resilient and committed airpower Leaders of Character. We are an elite installation that combines top-tier education, facilities and infrastructure in a superior training environment, with historic and iconic structures that inspire our cadets by linking them to the Air Forces legendary heritage and boundless future. We provide an intensive, immersion in leadership training and officer development that is founded on integrity, built on the pillars of academic, military and athletic excellence, which inculcates in our cadets a spirit of selfless service to our Nation. The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) fosters a culture of commitment and climate of respect and focuses future leaders on innovation and continual improvement. USAFA produces air-minded leaders and career officers with the character, critical thinking skills and strategic agility to lead our Nations Air Force today and into the future."

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School Details

school_type year_founded religious_affiliation academic_calendar year_2016_endowment address telephone
Public, Coed 1954 N/A Semester $106.7 million HQ USAFA, 2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 2400, USAF Academy, CO 80840 (800) 443-9266
overall score total score state city online paying global
81 100.0 Colorado USAF Academy