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Welcome to your career destination! If the US is your choice to chase academic heights and you sense the need for proper guidance, you’ve headed to the right place. You are just a click away from gathering well assimilated, authentic information that liberates you from those exhaustive hours required to assess your options. Our extensive database enables you to browse through community colleges, colleges and universities in the US by their name, program, state, and zip code as well as Canadian colleges by name and province.

Get transported to sources that will help you connect with the departmental links of universities located at various quarters of the country backed by appropriate maps and directions to trace the whereabouts of the respective university. Supplemented with the accreditation details, contact information and the prerequisites to be fulfilled for your preferred institution, it’s a mere walk in the park to get yourself acquainted with your career choices and choose the best of it all.


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UnivSource.com is the brainchild of Ravikanth Nandigam, a former graduate student at the University of Hartford, CT. Founded in 2002 the website stemmed from the need to effectively organize the extensive amount of information that will aid the students, willing to study at a Bachelor’s/Master’s level in the US.

Updated on a consistent note in accordance with the latest developments in education and market scenarios, we service our visitors with authentic information. Gambling on your career choices without care is too big a risk, but with UnivSource.com around to get all your educational requirements satisfied, you needn’t bother much.

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